Focus on dancing & choreograph. Make your own money. Make it happen. Work your ass off and leave them all in the dust.

Monday: 10:30 ballet, jazz, tap  (pre-dance)

Tuesday: walk, warmup, jazz, classes

Wednesday: sleep in, homework, 2:00 jazz, 4:30 ballet (pre-dance)

Thursday: walk, warmup, jazz, classes, choreography & personal practice

Friday: walk, warmup, class, 4:30 ballet

Saturday: 12:00 jazz, 1:30 ballet (pre-dance)

Sunday: 12 ballet, 1:30 L&T, 3:00 jazz (pre-dance)c

Every day arms legs abs plus turning practice, stretching & other warmup activities 

120 by Saturday.

Flat stomach by October. 

Nothing is getting in my way anymore.